Portugal. The Man - So Young
Role: Art Director

Handmade lyric video with laser cut comic sans. You're welcome, internet. The video contains over 2000 letters hand set on plastic acrylic rods and plexiglass. Everything choreographed in camera. 

Behind the scenes production shots.

Creative Director: Jason Kreher
Art Directors: Curtis Pachunka, Eric Reigert
Creative Manager: Annie Barker
Producer: Blake Carrillo
Business Affairs: Amber Lavender, Brian Cook
Public Relations: Brandon Reynolds
Production Company: Wieden + Kennedy Production
Director: Jason Kreher, Quentin van den Bossche
DP: Jason Roark
Editor: Quentin van den Bossche
Production Assistants: Jane Monaghan, Evelyn Loomis, Johanna Palmieri, Cathy Ormerod 

Post Production Company: Joint
VFX/Colorist: David Jahns
Audio Assistant: Natalie Huizenga

Photographs by Maclay Heriot, Brian Burton