Old Spice - Danner x Old Spice
Role: Designer & Illustration

Helped in the design and illustration of the Old Spice x Danner Collab. 

WK Instagram post below:
Let’s talk about these boots. 🥾🥾 @wiedenkennedy teamed up with @oldspice and Portland’s own @dannerboots for a picture-perfect hiking boot collab inspired by Old Spice’s Fresher Collection: the Mountain Light Adventure, based on Danner’s classic Mountain Light Cascade style. It's the perfect combination of mansome freshitude and rugged outdoorsiosity. The specially designed soles mean you can finally leave temporary, eco-friendly brand messaging with every step you take as you shamble through pristine wilderness. 🌲🐻🏞🛶🏕🐿🌸 Besides, Danner red syncs up with Old Spice red. 💁‍♂️ Proceeds from the sale of the boots go to @trailkeepersoforegon to fund trail restoration efforts in the Pacific Northwest. 🎨 = @curtisp @eraeric @mrcahalan @tigerpup@of.every.distance @saskiamarie@k_peroni @kierondwyer 🖊 = @jameskinglooyu