Fisher-Price - Let’s be Kids 
Role: Art Director & Senior Designer 

Worked on a wide range of projects concepting and designing ideas
along the way. Here are a few fun projects I was involved in making. 

AdAge Write-up

2019 - 2021 /  Concept, Art Direction, and Design.

Creative direction from Heather Ryder, Devin Gillespie, and Becca Wadlinger.
Art direction with Nicole Blauw, Tim Semple, Curtis Pachunka, and Caitlin Alexander.

Writing by Nicole Blauw and Derek Szynal.
Animation by David Mellor, Oliver Rokoff, and Neil Hilken.
Design direction and Production by Patrick Cahalan and Katie McHugh
Instagram story layouts by Liliya Dru.

Please reach out if you’d like to know the extent of my involvment in each project.